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Spring cleaning

The sun is out (for now) and the sky is blue, and it’s highlighted the many cobwebs and dusty areas of my house. Spring cleaning sounds old school, but it does actually make sense. After doing the rooms (top to bottom, left to right-if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly!) I like to have a proper bathroom sort out-toiletries and make-up need a good clean and tidy up too!

This takes a good hour or so, with some baby wipes, (for cleaning drippy bottles) at least one bin bag, (for lotions and potions that don’t make the cut) a notebook and pen so I can write down any products that I’m running low on. It works better if you can offload any small children while you’re doing your spring clean, or they’ll try to ‘help’/drink the shower gel, and it just won’t work.

I keep my toiletries and cosmetics in plastic baskets on shelves (not attractive, but functional). I do one basket at a time, and work top to bottom, left to right. Like products are stored with like (dental stuff, make-up, soaps/shower gels, moisturisers, baby toiletries, hair stuff-they all get separate baskets)-if you don’t have a system like this, it might take you a bit longer (and will be harder to see if you need to stock up on anything). Each basket gets emptied onto the floor, wiped or washed clean, and left to dry and air on the window sill. I check all of the products and decide if I like them, still use them, roughly how long they’ve been open (yes! make-up and toiletries have a shelf life too-look for a number in a circle, often on the bottom of the tub they’re in-a 6 means they should be disposed of six months after you first opened them) and keep or chuck accordingly. Anything being kept is cleaned thoroughly and put back in the clean dry basket. When I’m all done, I have a quick look and see if I’m short of anything (I like to have at least a couple of bottles/packs of shampoo, razors, soaps and moisturiser in reserve) and make a quick note on my shopping list. The basket goes back to its shelf, and I move on to the next one.

Makeup is slightly different-I like to move from using my winter foundation (latest favourite is Barbara Daly’s moisture foundation) to something with a bit more glow (I have just bought some Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and have very high hopes for it!) so will swap them over in my basket. Benefit Dandelion blusher goes out, and Posietint cheek stain comes in instead, and neutral nail colours make way for something brighter.

It’s odd, but I genuinely feel lighter and happier once the spring clean is done, and I’m ready to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts


Back to work-I am ORGANISED

A whole post moaning about my boiler (now back on, thanks) and I forgot to mention the really terrifyingly well-organised thing about my haircut-once it was cut, blowdried and I had paid, I made appointments for all of my 2013 haircuts. Every single one. End of every other month-February, April, June, August, October and December. I don’t even have to think about it now, just go when it’s in my book. I would have done the same for eyebrow waxing and lash tints (same salon, different lady) but the beauty appointment book only goes up to the end of March, so I’ll have to wait till they have a new diary before I get that organised too.  As a massive (and quite busy) control freak, I’m feeling pretty good about having all haircuts sorted now-I got to choose the dates, times and stylist that suit me, rather than taking an appointment when they could fit me in. Sorted.

Yesterday was my first day back. It went well, the baby was a bit grumpy when I picked him up, but had had a lovely day without me. I felt very odd-like I was watching myself living my old life, where I got to to wear smart clothes without porridge on them and sit at a desk drinking hot cups of tea all day and hearing all the office gossip. My make up lasted all day, I had two car journeys without having to sing nursery rhymes the whole way and I have some interesting projects coming up. The baby shouted a bit, slept a lot, ate a banana and two pieces of toast and played with his stacking cups (morning) and crackly book and octopus toy (afternoon). I think we’ll get used to it soon enough-who knows, maybe he’ll actually smile at me when I collect him in future!

Boiler still off. At least I have good hair

Yep, still no sign of the boiler repair folk with the Missing Part that will give us heating and hot water again. I’m bored of having to stop the baby trying to eat the fan heater, and driving to a hotel to wash.  I’m bored of getting text messages from our useless service provider (won’t name them, but will say it might have been worth spending less money employing John Cleese to do the adverts and a bit more money on you know, the actual heating engineers) that say someone will be ringing the bell within the next ten minutes to fix it all and then still be waiting an hour and a half later.  I’m Just Bored.

The good news is, I actually had a haircut (and eyebrow wax and lash tint). On Saturday. The first haircut I’ve had since August (I think). So I am bored, but my hair looks amazing.  I meant to just have it tidied up a bit, but took my glasses off while she was cutting, and it’s now about three inches shorter, so gone from being a meh, split endsy mess that looked super tatty, to being a pretty sharp looking actual hairstyle. People have remarked! In a positive way, not a kind of sniggery ‘Mmmm, I like your haircut‘ way. And I have tidy brows. And new specs. And I’m actually wearing a new top today, that both fits and suits me, a sort of Breton stripe three quarter length sleeve T-shirt that I got in the Boden sale am very pleased with. And I’ve had compliments!  So I must be doing something right.

So in summary-bored and cold, but looking pretty good on it.