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Daffodils, sunshine, pretty good skin

I’ve not had the best few weeks (relentlessly ill small boy, too much stuff on at work, weight loss has slowed right down) but I’m trying to think positive. The baby is (finally) on the mend, the end is in sight with the work tough patch and I’ve probably lost less weight because a new cake shop has opened up just down the road. In other positive news-the garden is full of daffodils, the sun has come out, my gel polish lasted three full weeks, so I’ve had them redone (in clear this time) and my skin is looking pretty good at the moment. I think an increase in the amount of sleep I’m getting has helped, but I’ve also been really strict about thorough cleansing morning and night (double cleanse at night, after getting lazy with face wipes-really not ideal for regular use!) and using a rather lovely new moisturiser-Balance Me Daily Essentials Moisture-Rich Face Cream. Now, I know it’s hard to believe, but it was still snowing here in The Shire a couple of weeks ago. Actual snow, the sort you don’t want to be driving in, not just a few odd flakes here and there. And the extended cold weather had confused my skin-it was blotchy, tired and looking quite worn out, despite my tired and pathetic efforts to keep it happy as we moved from snow to overly hot central heating and back again. It needed a bit of TLC, and a moisture-rich face cream sounded good-I’m glad to say it delivered:

Balance Me Daily Essentials Moisture-Rich Face Cream

On the label: plumps and smooths for rejuvenated looking skin, 99% natural origin

This has a beautiful rose scent, and a lovely texture-smooth and very quickly absorbed. It left my skin looking fresh and plumped up, as promised, and the glow lasts all day. It contains rosehip and camellia oils, and shea butter, but doesn’t feel at all greasy, and leaves a nice surface for make up a couple of minutes after application. It comes in a squirty tube, and I generally find one squirt is fine for the mornings, when I’m in a rush, but I do two squirts in the evening and spend a bit longer massaging it into my face and neck.

The result-I have smooth, glowing skin, which managed to cope with the worst the snow and central heating could offer, and is coping equally well with the warmer weather. This is a real find!


Things are looking up. I’m looking down (at my nails)

Last time we spoke, things were bad. The baby wasn’t sleeping, was full of cold, and I was covered in sick. Thank goodness, life has improved a bit chez Minimum. The cold has gone. We have had a very successful few nights after introducing controlled crying, so we’re all sleeping much better. And I’ve had enough time to actually get back to some of my beauty projects. Things are definitely looking up!

My top priority was getting my nails sorted out-I’ve not had time recently to get the polish done at the brilliant Vietnamese place (they’re great, but don’t do making appointments, so I’ve just been unlucky that they’ve been busy whenever I’ve walked past with 15 free minutes recently). I’d got quite embarrassed by how awful my nails looked too-cuticles all over the shop, and I’d used a bright colour (Rose Libertine by Rimmel) without a base coat (I KNOW, lesson learned!) and it had left me with pretty horrible looking yellow staining. Boo. So something Had To Be Done, and I decided that gel nails would do nicely for now-long lasting, unchippable, would definitely cover up the yellow, and I don’t seem to have any of the issues with dry nails that other people complain about with gel polish (downside – it is expensive, at £27 a go, so will still be a treat, rather than a regular part of my routine). 

I went to a lovely small beauty salon I’ve used before, and the nail lady was ace-really quick, very thorough, didn’t tell me off too much for my dodgy cuticles, and I went for French Rose, which is a quiet, undemanding pink that won’t show too much when it starts growing out.

So, nails sorted, facial, brow wax and lash tint booked for this weekend, and a new princessing thread to follow on Mumsnet-I feel a new sense of momentum!