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It’s sandal time

I have been horrified by my feet-despite my best efforts through the cold weather, they really were not sandal ready. A trip to the podiatrist was in order; nails cut, hard skin taken off with an actual scalpel (beat, THAT, foot filers!) and some Flexitol rubbed in-I left 25 minutes and £29 later, but with feet that will do my sandals proud. A summery pink polish (Rose Libertine by Rimmel-it did stain my nails last time I used it, so I actually used a base coat this time, and am sure it will do the job!) and I’m ready to go!


A slightly dejected Christmas Eve post

So, the baby has stopped going to sleep in the evenings. It’s quite tiring for everyone, and very very dull. He is taking it as a personal insult that we are putting him in a COT, at SEVEN O’CLOCK, when we are clearly intending to drink wine, eat food that isn’t baby rice, and have fun while he is asleep. So my lovely evenings, clear for hours at a time while he sleeps happily, have been paused for now. No free time for applying nail polish, face masks and lovely long baths-nope, I now sit here, tensed and twitchy, waiting for him to shriek over the monitor, then run up the stairs two at a time to soothe and sing, and try to help him sleep again.

Super quick fixes for difficult evenings? I take my nail polish off, file my nails smooth and buff them so they’re nice and shiny. I apply hand cream. I keep my tweezers downstairs and tidy up the odd stray eyebrow hair. I file my feet smooth, and use a rich foot cream with warm socks over the top. And I wait for him to shout, and hope this phase doesn’t last long.

Feet, and the search for a chip free nail polish continues

I have crap feet. They’re a bit less crap than they were, as I had nail surgery a few months ago (hideously expensive, suprisingly painful-twelve injections! TWELVE! feet bled everywhere for ages) so it doesn’t hurt when I walk any more. Or do anything crazy like wear shoes.  And I’ve cut down from a monthly visit to the podiatrist to every three months. So that’s good. But I do still go, and today was my day for it. I like to have someone who knows about feet check them over, cut the nails properly and scalpel all of the hard skin off.  And the podiatrist and his wife have been debating whether to have another baby for ages, so I like to keep up to date with that (as of today-he still says no, she has written a passive aggressive letter to Santa asking for a baby for Christmas and left it stuck to the fridge).

So, beautifully soft feet, nails inspected and still behaving themselves, I’ll paint them tonight once the baby has gone to bed (a proper red-have a great Rimmel one, Red Carpet, maybe? Lasts for yonks, and I love the colour). I’ve also done my fingernails a very pale pink (no17 Simply Pink-haven’t tried their nail stuff before, but they had a good free eye thing, so I thought I’d give it a whirl). It would be great to manage more than two days without chipping it-who knew that pushing a pram was harder on nails than spending all day typing?

Feeling-soft of foot, and hopelessly optimistic about the staying power of my new nail polish.