Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer

I’m an absolute sucker for a new beauty thing, so couldn’t resist picking up a tube of this primer in Boots.

What it says on the tube
A smoothing and perfecting primer with optical effect. Diffuses light in all directions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, open pores and uneven skin tone

The texture of this primer is oddly fluffy (and doesn’t come out of the tube evenly when you squeeze-it kind of blurtles out, making small, slightly puffing noises as it comes out of the tube) but soaks into the skin amazingly quickly, leaving a lovely velvety surface. I actually did the test they show in the adverts-where you see a half and half face, with and without the primer, and it does genuinely make a difference. My face looked smoother, had virtually no shine, and smaller blemishes looked like they’d disappeared into the skin. So far, so good. I was a bit disappointed once I’d put my foundation on over the top-I gave it a good few minutes before applying make-up on, but ended up with a less smoothly blended finish than usual, which made me wonder if the primer hadn’t absorbed into my skin as well as I thought.

Will I be switching?
I’ll probably keep the tube and use it if I run out my Barbara Daily primer, or take it with me when I travel, but won’t be using this daily-despite the velvety feel, it felt like a step down from my usual product


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