Balance Me Extra Care

I saw a brilliant coupon in the Telegraph a few weeks ago for a Balance Me mini product trio, and you only had to pay postage. It arrived recently, and so far I’ve tried two out of the three products-an eye cream and a facial oil (the other one is a wrinkle cream, so addresses about the only skin concern I don’t have at the moment!) So, here’s the review…

Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream:

Containing camomile, lemon and lots of other lovely things (including rosehip oil-a big favourite of mine) this has been a real success. I’ve been using it for just over a week, and really like the texture-it’s quite light, but feels like a treat when I smooth it on (I smooth first, then pat-no idea why, maybe that’s what my mum does with eye creams?) The skin around my eyes looks brighter, and it really helps me wake up in the mornings.

Extra Care Radiance Facial Oil

I love a facial oil, I really do. And I gave this one a good shot, but it just doesn’t seem to be the one for me. This also contains camomile, as well as yarrow and buruti nut oil, and has a nice texture-quite a dry oil. I used it at night, instead of my usual rosehip oil, and was disappointed with the amount of moisture in my skin the next morning. Rosehip oil seems to leave my skin with a real glow, but this didn’t give me the lustre I was expecting (and hoping for!) and I had two dry patches which got progressively worse while I was using it.

I have tried a couple of other Balance Me products (their rose otto lip salve intensive lip salve is one of my favourites) and really like the ethos of the company-their slogan is ‘Beauty that works naturally’ and their products are very clean (no parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or other nasties) so I am delighted to be adding their eye cream to my morning routine, and putting my old cheapy eye gel to the back of the cupboard.


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