A catalogue of woe and excuses

Yesterday, I tried to go running. I used to go once or twice a week, with friends or a running for very slow not very sporty people club where I used to live-never liked it much, or got into that zone that proper runners talk about, but I managed about 30-40 minutes a couple of times a week, which seemed like reasonably good exercise for someone who otherwise sits very still most of the time. As I feel quite wobbly post baby, and also tired and lazy, I contacted a local beginners running club run from a sports centre a couple of miles away, they emailed back, sounded nice so I thought I’d give it a go (I very much need other people to make me run. It really doesn’t come naturally, so if I’m not being told to do it, I just walk instead, defying the point).

I was expecting quite a hectic evening, but I managed to get ready (joggers, sports bra, long thermal top, short sleeved T-shirt, trainers-I really was ready), get the baby into bed, cook tea and say hello to DH, then go outside. And when I got outside, it was snowing. So I went back in, grabbed a hat and gloves, then ran upstairs for a fleece (don’t judge me, it really was cold). Then back downstairs, into the car and off, to get stuck in traffic almost immediately. Made it to the sports centre a minute before the group were meant to leave, and there were no parking spaces. Not one, I took a while checking. Someone else had parked badly by the exit, on a curved bit of the road, so I tried to sneak in front of them (also badly) and then got beeped at long and loudly by the eight boys all driving Citroen Saxos who had clearly just finished football, and were trying to leave while I tried to bring my car into the kerb a bit closer so they could get out. And that was the point where I thought-I have actually really tried. And I don’t want to leave my car sticking out in the middle of the road, everyone will hate me, and when I get inside, all the runners will have gone anyway. So I went home instead, and watched Africa and ate two chocolate biscuits, then had a lovely bath. I rang my very sporty sister (I was actually looking forward to going, and she wanted to know how it was) and confessed, and she was nice to me and said it did sound like I had given it my best shot (she probably then got off the phone and said ‘She couldn’t be arsed to go to her running club’ to her DH, but I don’t care). I did try, and next week I will be even more organised, and leave the house fifteen minutes earlier to allow for traffic and getting a space. I will go running, I need to do this. Tonight, I’m going for a swim with a friend, but next Wednesday, it’s running. Shout at me if I don’t go!


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