Monthly routine-face time

I had a facial today, a Dermalogica one. Dermalogica products are expensive but brilliant, and their facials are excellent. Not even that expensive, but more than I could manage on maternity leave, so this was my celebrating being back at work and having an income again facial, which will happen every other month from now (haircuts and facials alternate months).

My skin has been crap recently-I’ve been quite busy, the baby has two teeth coming through, so sleep is quite rare, and I’ve just stopped breastfeeding and it’s made my hormones go demented in a bad way. After a bit of a beauty disaster on Thursday (walked into a random salon to see if they could do my eyebrow wax and lash tint, and they could, but only because it’s a terrible salon and that’s why no-one goes there. The treatment room was a cupboard, it was next to their smoking room and the therapist had shockingly bad breath. I left a tip. What is wrong with me? It’s like I can’t not tip, however rubbish the service is. Anyway, enough of the crap place, I won’t go there ever again) I was a bit nervous going to a new place, but it was brilliant. Not a salon-this was in a little extension in the therapist’s garden, and it was a lovely room, very relaxing and clean and the lady was great. I had to fill in a looooong questionnaire-allergies, usual products, that sort of thing-then we had a chat about how dreadful my skin is at the moment (after ten years of adult acne, I cope quite well these conversations) and then I got to lie down, for a whole hour, while she sorted it out for me.

I fell asleep for a fair bit, and never know what all the different lotions and bits are that they use (I just lie there thinking ‘this smells a bit minty/lavendery/medicinal’) but there is something immensely reassuring about letting someone who knows their stuff else deal with everything. When she had finished, my skin looked brighter, less spotty and much smoother and happier, which is exactly what I wanted. And I’d had a sleep, which is an added bonus. She has given me a few samples (think this is a Dermalogica thing, I have Precleanse, Dermal Clay and another one, can’t remember what at the moment) so I’ll try before deciding if I want to buy the products.

I paid £37 (and yes, of course I tipped) and have booked my next appointment for March-would have booked for the year, as I had with haircuts, but the therapist will be on maternity leave from some time in May, so I’ll have to find somewhere else to go while she is off enjoying her baby. But I still have my March appointment to look forward to before I need to think about that. Facials-not all worth the money, but this was really was.


3 thoughts on “Monthly routine-face time

  1. bessie

    I’m loving my dermalogica facials – every other month seems to be ok for me, which means I can have a haircut one month & a facial the next. I have so far managed to resist buying any products though!


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