The cupboard in the bathroom

I have a giant cupboard in the bathroom. I’ve never tested it, but I know from looking at it that me, my husband, the baby and probably a small car could all fit inside comfortably. Okay, maybe the car would be pushing it at a bit, but it really is very big. If another doorway to Narnia were found at the back, it would truly not come as a surprise to me. It’s also full of stuff-multipacks of nappies, wipes, loo rolls and all other bathroomy things. I’ve got so much stuff in there, it took me about two hours on Sunday to sort it out. And it was like going shopping at a small branch of Boots, when I got everything laid out. So I’ve decided not to buy any more toiletries or cosmetics until I’ve used up quite a lot of the things from the cupboard. It will sometimes feel a bit like a punishment (Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush, with your vile pink smell and bloody glitter everywhere, I’m giving YOU a hard stare at the moment) but will have good moments too. I found an unopened tube of Jergens firming body lotion and used that after the (pink) shower this morning, and it was good stuff. Absorbed quickly, no scent that made me wrinkle my nose up, no actual firming seen so far, but I’m easily satisfied when I’m this knackered. Also felt like a freebie, as I have no memory of buying it, bringing it home or unpacking it. Perhaps a small Narnian creature deposited it there for me to find. Who knows-it did what I needed it to.


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