Down at the nail bar

You can get a file and polish for £6. SIX POUNDS. And it only takes 15 minutes. And they basically do a mini manicure (file, trim cuticles, some kind of buffing/sandpapery thing) before they apply the polish and topcoat (which does make me wonder what you get for the extra £14 they charge for an actual manicure). It’s a bit crap looking, the nail bar, called something like American Nails Etc, and has some quite scary customers, but they do a bloody good job. Some half-hearted upselling from the Vietnamese man in charge (‘ONLY polish? Why not shellac?’ but nothing horrendous. And it’s about 200 yards from my house.  So-£6, 15 minutes, nails now painted in Second Honeymoon by OPI (nice neutral) and the shiniest topcoat ever. I’m taking nail maintenance out of the weekly routine of stuff I need to do, and will just nip in there once a week instead. Sorted.


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