Editing my wardrobe

‘Editing my wardobe’ sounds a bit fancier than ‘charity shopping or chucking most of my stuff’ so we’ll go with that as a description. I spent a couple of hours last night having a good sort through, and anything that was truly crap (tatty, really knackered, trodden down hems, ripped, massive holes in things) has gone in a bag for the bin (rag bin at the back of the local charity shop) and anything wearable and decent but not right for me at the moment (maternity clothes which I’ve been wearing even though the baby is several months old, giant comfy but very unflattering smock things, colours that don’t seem to do much for me, things that are so tiny I really don’t ever see myself wearing them again) have been shared between vacuum bags in the loft and a charity shop bag.

So I have very few actual things left in my wardobe now, but what is in there fits me and is reasonably flattering. I’ve also taken inspiration from a brilliant Style and Beauty thread on Mumsnet and sorted through my knicker drawer too, leaving me with two bras that fit, about five pairs of knickers, and not very many pairs of socks (but at least those remaining are hole free). Some shopping is in order, and I’ve booked an appointment at Bravissimo this weekend to get some more really well fitting bras (I like Freya, and Bravissimo own brand-Panache have some really lovely things, but aren’t a good fit on me) and will get knickers and socks sorted too. Clothes I’d like to have a bit more of a think about. I don’t really have a style, or any sense of what my style could be. The clothes I’ve kept are all quite plain and mostly in black, navy, grey or cream, so definitely run the risk of being a bit boring. I like the idea of having basic work and weekend ‘uniforms’ which I could add splashes of colour to (dark blue jeans, breton striped top and a scarf for the weekend? black trousers, top and a cardi for work?) and think that might help me feel a bit more pulled together. What do you think? I’m pretty crap at clothes, but would love 2013 to be the year I feel like I started to feel confident in the choices I make. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!


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