Boiler still off. At least I have good hair

Yep, still no sign of the boiler repair folk with the Missing Part that will give us heating and hot water again. I’m bored of having to stop the baby trying to eat the fan heater, and driving to a hotel to wash.  I’m bored of getting text messages from our useless service provider (won’t name them, but will say it might have been worth spending less money employing John Cleese to do the adverts and a bit more money on you know, the actual heating engineers) that say someone will be ringing the bell within the next ten minutes to fix it all and then still be waiting an hour and a half later.  I’m Just Bored.

The good news is, I actually had a haircut (and eyebrow wax and lash tint). On Saturday. The first haircut I’ve had since August (I think). So I am bored, but my hair looks amazing.  I meant to just have it tidied up a bit, but took my glasses off while she was cutting, and it’s now about three inches shorter, so gone from being a meh, split endsy mess that looked super tatty, to being a pretty sharp looking actual hairstyle. People have remarked! In a positive way, not a kind of sniggery ‘Mmmm, I like your haircut‘ way. And I have tidy brows. And new specs. And I’m actually wearing a new top today, that both fits and suits me, a sort of Breton stripe three quarter length sleeve T-shirt that I got in the Boden sale am very pleased with. And I’ve had compliments!  So I must be doing something right.

So in summary-bored and cold, but looking pretty good on it.


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