The one where I’ve just lost an entire post about dodgy skin

Yep, the whole post. Wrote it, edited it a bit, saw it save as a draft several times, have somehow lost it. So in summary-two handy treatments for days when your face doesn’t look like it’s on your side:

Malin and Goetz Acne Treatment (Space NK). Pleasingly sciencey, has a white active ingredient on the bottom of a little glass jar and some clear stuff above it, you dip a clean cotton bud through the clear stuff into the white and dab onto your spot(s). Only for use at night, unless you work from home (in which case beware! If you forget it’s on, you will get funny looks from the postman/whoever you’re on a video conference call with) Seems to be pretty good at shrinking spots, reducing redness etc etc.

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask from Lush. Smells vile (as would anything containing garlic, tea tree oil and er..grapes) but absolutely packed full of really good, natural antibacterial stuff. Use every other day till the pot runs out-seems good for blitzing whole face, not just the odd spot.

That’s it. Here’s to spot free days!


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