I don’t care if they just give me expensive wee

A teething baby and the start of Christmas evenings out mean my weekly routine night is postponed  (DH is out for a work thing, and I have friends coming over for dinner. I’m expecting to be interrupted about ninety times by wailing and dribbly baby, but they’re nice people and will leave some food for me if he takes ages to go to sleep.)

So, today’s post is about vitamins. I do know that supplements aren’t necessary if you’re eating a healthy balanced diet full of organic veg and whole grains. I am doing my best. I cook from scratch most days, but have also been know to have the odd (shameful) day where Salt and Vinegar Discos and Quorn hot dog sausages are the most wholesome things I consume, and I still want to feel reasonably energetic on those days. So I have started taking proper vitamins-fizzy multivit, something called For Women’s Health (has evening primrose and that kind of thing, doesn’t actually say To Settle Hysterical Wombs, but has that sort of feel to it), a B vitamin liquid that you have to squirt under your tongue and keep there for 30 seconds, and Floradix. And you know what? I think they’re helping. It’s been a couple of weeks, and I have no idea if I’m imagining it, but I do feel brighter and less knackered, despite the unsettlable baby. So even if it is all my head, I’ll stick with them, as I have less than three weeks to go before I’m back at work, and need all the boosting I can get. 


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