Multitasking products-my top 5

So, a few days in, and I’m sticking pretty well to my daily and weekly routines (have missed the eye gel out from time to time, but am generally sticking to the plan.)

When time is short, I turn to my top 5 products-heros that can multitask and give good results. The most expensive item on the list is £10-it does seem that budget items have the edge at the moment!

1 – Dermol 500 – yes, the one in a big green tub (about £10 for 500ml). It’s great as a face wash and moisturiser, creamy enough to wash dry and sensitive skin (I use it like cold cream) and has some kind of antibacterial agent in it that can help slightly spotty winter faces. The very opposite of glam, but it really works!

2 – Dr Organic Rose Otto Hand and Nail cream – see previous blog post. It’s amazing for hands, and also working wonders on dry elbows and knees, and the scent lasts for ages

3 – Fizzy multivitamins. Berocca or supermarket own brands, I haven’t seen any difference personally. The benefit here is that they get extra vitamins into me, and I have to drink a glass of water first thing each morning, which automatically makes me feel perkier

4 – Wash and Go for normal hair. I don’t have normal hair, I have flat, fine, flyaway and ever so slightly frizzy hair. But in a hurry, this is the two in one shampoo and conditioner that can get my hair looking shiny and volumised with one quick wash. I’m not wildly keen on the scent (and the volume doesn’t last particularly well) but it’s a great bottle to have in the shower for difficult mornings

5 – Rosehip oil. Used as a serum/moisturiser ‘booster’ at night, or just as a standalone moisturiser. Also great on cuticles, and the tiniest touch keeps stray eyebrows put

What are your multitasking heroes?


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