Baby, it’s (still) cold outside

I know, I know, it’s very dull when people discover something that everyone else has know about for ages, especially when they get all evangelical about it, and no-one needs convincing, as they have all been sold on the benefits of whatever for the last five years. So forgive me for telling you something I’m sure you all know about-I just can’t help myself. I’ll even put a handy break point in so you can stop reading if you realise that what I’m going to tell you about is old news to you.

I have dry and cracked winter hands. A trip to Holland and Barrett for multi vits and other anti-tired supplements (I love H&B. They have amazing and mysterious things like Floradix and vitamin drops that go under your tongue, and after a week of taking them, you suddenly realise that you can actually get out of bed without wincing, crying or feeling like you are suffering from a truly mindwrecking hangover) also led to my discovery of Dr Organic. —STOP READING HERE IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THEY HAVE THE BEST HANDCREAM IN THE WORLD— I went for the Rose Otto range, which has a gorgeous (but not overpowering) fragrance and the hand and nail cream is one of the best I’ve ever tried (I’ve tried a LOT) and an absolute bargain at £6.69-intensively moisturising without being greasy, very quickly absorbed and hands feel softer and smoother straight away. I’ve also got the lip serum which I haven’t tried yet, but has the same lovely scent-if I’m as impressed with the serum as I am with the hand cream, I’ll look at giving the rest of the Rose Otto facial skincare a try. That’s all for today. Winter. Handcream. Rose Otto. It’s the wonderstuff.


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