The north wind doth blow

It’s cold. It’s really cold. It’s so cold that my baby has stopped trying to pull his sock/boot things off when we’re outside, which has come as quite a surprise to both of us.  Other than that, he seems pretty happy with the temperature, which is good news for me because I love the winter. Best season by far. Christmas, snow, twinkling lights shining out into the darkness, snuggly cashmere jumpers, bubble baths and pie for tea-cliche packed it may be, but winter is great. Sadly, there is a price to pay for the amazingness of winter, and that is the toll it takes on skin. My lips get chapped, my face gets sore and my hands get so dry they hurt. So when it gets cold, I need quick and easy solutions to keep my skin smooth and healthy-my winter beauty wardrobe.

Gel cleanser is out, and cold cream is in, for morning and evening cleansing-warm water, flannel-takes two minutes, and gives a really thorough cleanse without any tightness. Afterwards, a few drops of rosehip oil (a great dry oil-really doesn’t look or feel oily) and then moisturiser-nothing too thick in the morning, as I need to get make up on quickly. Avene Repair cream is good if my skin is already sore, or Norwegian Formula Ultimate Moisture day cream. Evening moisturiser at the moment is Weleda Skin Food-fabulous, but much too rich for daytime use. Once a week, I use Eight Hour Cream as a night treatment-layer all over my face, then wake up the next morning to amazingly glowy (if slightly medicinal smelling) skin.  Eight Hour Cream is also my preferred lip balm-just the regular stuff in the tube, applied as often as necessary.

In the shower, a cream oil wash like Dove is comforting, followed by Nivea Q10 Body Firming oil-quickly absorbed, this gives a gorgeous sheen and helps that slightly scratchy feeling you get from wearing a lot of layers and sitting in centrally heated rooms all day.

I’m still searching for the perfect winter hand cream-I have had the most luck so far with La Source Hand Therapy cream, but do find that it ‘bobbles’ slightly on the skin sometimes. Norwegian Formula and L’Occitane creams are a bit gloopy for me, and the Dove Intensive Repair cream I have just doesn’t seem rich enough. Until I find the right hand cream, I’m working on moisturising from the inside out, with good oils in my food and lots of water, but would love your recommendations-how do you help your skin cope with the cold?


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