First things first

Eyebrows. They’re pretty small in the grand scheme of things, but you really notice when you just ignore them. Or, if you do ignore them for six months, then have them waxed, you spend the next weekend shyly checking yourself out in every reflective surface you pass, and feeling cheered up when you see how amazing your eyebrows look (or furious with friends and family for letting you leave the house with Denis Healey style brows for so long.) Eyebrows matter.

Having spent the last six months in my maternity leave bubble, eyebrow maintenance has fallen off my list of things that Must Be Done, and has now been added back on. Wax-once a month, at a salon, costs a fiver, worth every penny and more (I know threading is better. I love threading. In the olden days, I used to have my eyebrows threaded at Blink in Selfridges every month, and it was brilliant.  Hideously painful, but brilliant. If I had access to a threader now, I’d be threaded not waxed. But accessing the only threader in my town is nearly impossible-you go to a shop, and they phone her, and then you have to negotiate times and locations through the shop assistant until you hit on one that works for both-no, too complicated, so I’ll stick with waxing.) While I was there, I had my lashes tinted black, for mornings when wielding a mascara brush is just too much effort.  £15 all in, and it should have taken 15 minutes, but she didn’t want to do the eyebrow wax while the lash tint was on, so it was actually more like 25. So I will work on persuading her to do it more efficiently next time, or just go somewhere else.  I’m booked in for the end of December for the same again, and a haircut.  A haircut!  No idea what sort of cut at the moment, but  have a good few weeks to think about that.

Any other mini beauty achievements? I painted my nails last night (Nails Inc Porchester Square-darker than I was expecting for something billed as a neutral, but it has made it through the morning unchipped, which is a good start) and have booked a appointment at the podiatrist for next week.

Feeling – slightly better groomed than yesterday!


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