Monthly Archives: November 2012

The new normal

My husband is tired. I know this because he tells me so, many times a day. ‘I’m so tired!’ he says, shaking his head in wonder that anyone could feel so exhausted. I offer up a range of options that could help him in some way-taking a multivitamin, B vitamins, regular exercise, starting a meditation programme-but these are rejected. ‘No, those won’t help’ he says sadly. ‘All I need is a few nights of uninterrupted sleep, and-‘ I stop him.

‘We have a BABY. You know when you told everyone I was pregnant, and they all laughed and said to get some sleep in because we would have wrecked sleep for the rest of our lives? THIS is what they were talking about. This is the new normal.’ And then I let him sleep downstairs on the sofabed, so he could have at least one of the uninterrupted nights he required, because I am quite a nice person.  This is not a long term solution, as I am going back to work in a month, but I thought it would earn me some points, and I was right.  He arrived upstairs this morning with a coffee for me and whisked the baby away, so all is well in our house.

I have started the going back to work countdown, and am making plans-the baby is finally eating very smooth food and drinking formula during the day, so he won’t actually starve, however cross he gets. I have a new work bag, and notebook and pens. I have new work clothes to keep me looking okayish while I lose the last few kilos.  What I haven’t sorted out yet is my back to work beauty routines-I need a structure to follow, or it won’t happen. I don’t want to look immaculate (although that would be lovely) but I do need a few basic plans in place to make sure I don’t look as tired as I feel. I don’t have a huge budget, or a lot of time, so I like the idea of a little and often plan, (using the cupboard full of nice bits and pieces which has been ignored for the last few months!) with a few regular things organised to help me keep on top of the whole body/face/hair thing-the bare minimum I need to keep me looking and feeling more like my old self.   And that’s where this blog comes in. I have a baby, so not as much sleep as I’d like, and that’s fine. I’ll take my own advice on the vitamins and exercise stuff, but I hope to use this blog as a guide to keep the beauty bits going in the right direction-finding makeup, products and treatments to move me from sleep deprived mum to polished professional.